14174377151_146228b108_oHave Us Organize Your Next Corporate Retreat

We have put together the most optimum experiences to enhance, inspire and invigorate your company, its executives and employees. We facilitate and lead premium adventures that enrich people’s lives by helping them connect more deeply to one another, to the global community and to themselves. We inspire them to act as leaders, to live with purpose and?to think globally about our environment and our fellow humans. On our retreats you will experience new cultures, help local communities by donating time, goods and money while reducing our carbon footprint and making our environment cleaner and safer for our future.



Create Your Corporate Retreat

  • Choose a location: Peru, Mexico, Cuba, Africa, India, Costa Rica or stay local
  • Determine Your Retreat’s Theme: Main Activity and/or Service Project(your corporate agenda, donating time and goods to an orphanage, cleaning up beaches, surfing, hiking, yoga, etc.)
  • Additional Excursions: (Day Trips and Side Activities)
  • Determine the length of time: (1 day, 3-4 days, 7-14 days)

14172094686_943a0002ef_oAltruism & Eco Factor

  • bring donations to kids at orphanages
  • bring medical supplies to local communities
  • help with construction of new housing
  •  spend quality time with kids and locals
  • sponsor kids for higher education
  • carbon offset your entire retreat

Travel Planning

  • booking resort
  • flight reservations
  • managing financial transactions
  • liability releases

Facilitating the Retreat

  • managing daily retreat logistics
  • equipment rentals
  • meals
  • daily travel and ground transportation
  • on-Site troubleshooting

Customer Service

  • participant registration
  • fielding questions from your students
  • problem solving
  • post-retreat follow-up
  • community building

Adventure Retreat Participants:

Join Us for the Journey of a Lifetime

Connection is the act of connecting, or the?state of being connected; junction; union;?alliance; relationship. At Adventure Retreats our?goal is to connect people to themselves by?offering a variety of wellness sessions including?yoga, massage and meditation; to connect people?with each other by traveling together, eating?together and sharing similar experiences which?create a deep bond; and to connect people with?our environment and the global community by introducing them to and working at local orphanages and various environmental projects around the world.

The smiles on the children’s faces when we simply take a walk around their neighborhood are

priceless. One of our participants was so inspired by the children at TunaHAKI, an orphanage in

in Africa, that she decided to sponsor a child through secondary school. In Peru we visited?Casa de Milagros, an orphanage in Peru, where we brought donations, worked in the garden, played soccer and more! Since our return, a small community has come together to raise money for the children of Casa de Milagros and it’s sister soup kitchen that feeds over 150 people each day. Everyone returns with a new perspective on life, a new outlook and a renewed enthusiasm for work, family and themselves.

Adventure Retreat Overview:

Wake up to the sounds of a tropical rainforest, the crashing waves of the ocean, or the complete silence of a snow-capped peak 10,000 ft. above sea level. No matter where the destination, you will ease into each day melting away the stresses of the world you’ve left behind. Each day begins with a light breakfast followed by a morning exercise session of hiking, yoga or a short jog. Afterwards, we embark on our day’s activities which may include surfing, golfing, skiing, etc. coupled with volunteering at the local beach or helping an orphanage build new facilities. Lunch is eaten at the resort or delivered to the group on location for nourishment. Afterwards, you may choose to pamper yourself with a massage, a Jacuzzi, go over the corporate agenda or simply relax around the fire. This routine helps everyone get a great night sleep and prepare for the next day’s adventure.

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