Hi all,

We all have friends we love, trinkets we can’t live without, colleagues who support us along our journey and charities near and dear to our hearts. Here are a few friends and their websites. Feel free to browse, learn, enjoy, donate and share the goodness!

Stay Healthy,


5 point yoga – Our yoga studio & online yoga source: www.5pointyoga.com
Ted McDonald’s blog: www.teddymcdonald.com
Lauren’s blog – Recipes for Life: www.delectableyou.com
GO Campaign – Giving Opportunity to children around the world: www.GOcampaign.org
Tony Horton’s blog: www.tonyhortonsworld.com
Living Homes: www.livinghomes.net
Brendan Brazier’s Vega: www.myvega.com
Studbar Pullup Bar: www.studbarpullup.com
Mark Sisson & The Primal World: www.marksdailyapple.com