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Mt Kilimanjaro – Summer 2020 – TBA!

Join us as we climb to the top of the African continent on a charity climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Are you a skier? Snowboarder? Love yoga and meeting like minded people who are living life to the fullest? Join us in Jackson Hole!

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Jackson Hole – February 6-10, 2019

Wait, what??? You missed this trip last year? Are you out of your mind!?! Once a year we gather in some of the most amazing ski and snowboard terrain in the country! And friends, the time has come again. Get ready to experience complete bliss while you churn up fresh pow with every turn in the greatest ski mountain in the old US of A. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to  Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the Grand Tetons!

All levels of skiers and yogis are welcome.

This retreat sells out, grab your spot now!

  • all yoga classes
  • all p90x classes
  • breakfast for 4 mornings
  • a welcome dinner
  • a closing dinner
  • jaw dropping smiles

What our clients say

“My expectations were blown away! I left that retreat kicking and screaming from not wanting it to end. Ted and Tony’s passion for sharing and wanting everyone to have experienced “growth” was my biggest takeaway. I left the retreat being more mindful and intentional then ever before. I can’t wait for next year!” – Valerie


“I just wanted to send you a personal thank you to tell you that the week with you truly gave me a new lease on life.  I will no longer put an age or any circumstances on my limitations in life.  I am going to live with new vigor, improving myself everyday and trying things that I never thought I would surrounded by people who ignite me.  You are changing lives even more than you know.” – Meredith


“I don’t know quite how to thank someone for providing the experience of a lifetime. This trip to Africa has become so much more than a trip to Africa. I feel I should thank you for the incredible job you did planning, organizing, and personalizing this adventure for each one of us, but that’s not quite capturing the gratitude I feel. Really, truly Ted, what you did was put together an amazing series of activities and you brought together some of the most exceptional people I’ve met, to share in the experience. Your compassion, your passion, your joie d’vivre and your genuineness (is that a word?) are astounding and inspiring. Asante sana sana sana! ” – Claire


“Ted and Tony create a wonderful experience. They take a personal interest in everyone. What a great time! I left the retreat with a renewed sense of energy. The group that attended the event are some of the most interesting and motivated people I’ve ever had the chance to spend time with.” – Tom

Exploring… One Breath at a Time.

The mission of Adventure Yoga Retreats is to change the world by exploring all parts of the globe and providing a life-enhancing experience combining yoga, adventure, relaxation and rejuvenation to ensure a more peaceful, fulfilling life for all.

Adventure Yoga Retreats was born out of the desire to unite like-minded adventurous people who love the outdoors and want to nurture their soul through the practice of yoga. We provide the service of coordinating, marketing and executing premium travel adventures for yoga instructors, as well as organizing packages for affinity groups and corporations interested in adding yoga, health and wellness to their adventure travels.